About the Project

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is in the middle stage of the 85-385 GATEWAY project:

SCDOT, and its contractor Flatiron-Zachry, have begun construction activities on the 85/385 Gateway Project. This project will transform the intersection of Interstates 85 and 385 in Greenville County.

85-385 GATEWAY is utilizing a design-build contract which will require Flatiron-Zachry to design, obtain permits, acquire right-of-way, coordinate utility relocation, and construct the new interchange; all under the oversight of SCDOT and FHWA. This type of contracting can save time and money by encouraging innovative designs, materials, and construction practices. The Project's scope involves creating a new interchange within the general footprint of the current interchange by staging construction of the new lanes, ramps, and bridges while maintaining traffic. The widening of I-385 will continue through the Project limits. There will also be improvements to Roper Mountain Road, Woodruff Road, Garlington Road, Miller Road, and Chrome Drive under this contract. Finally, construction of ten new bridge structures which include two flyovers, rehabilitation of two existing bridge structures, and modifications to the substructure of one existing bridge will occur to facilitate this new interchange system. The work being performed on these roads and bridges will help alleviate traffic congestion throughout this entire corridor. Construction began in February of 2016 and will continue until 2020.

85-385 GATEWAY will improve safety for the traveling public, provide a financial boost to the local economy, and increase the capacity of this interchange so it may function more efficiently for many years to come. This work is expected to be a premiere engineering achievement resulting in a signature infrastructure project that will make a positive difference to all of those who travel the Upstate.

Final touches coming for Gateway Project

The past few months have brought some important final steps being done to the Gateway Project. You might not have noticed all of them, but a tremendous amount of work is being completed. It all comes back to what we announced for this project some five years ago. The project's goals included increasing the safety of the traveling public, providing a financial boost to the region's economy, and increasing the capacity of this interchange so it may function more efficiently for many years to come. We have accomplished a lot of that.

Second quarter 2020 highlights included:

  • Placed the final layer of asphalt on I-85, I-385, and Ramps
  • Added pavement markings and raised pavement markers
  • Continued painting of bridges
  • Continued installation of overhead and ground mounted signs
  • Continued installation of controlled access fencing
  • Continued installation of digital message signs and traffic cameras
  • Grassing
  • Continued construction along Woodruff Road corridor

In the News

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Project overview rendering

385/85 Project plan overview of construction area including proposed design solution.